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Associate Professor
Professor Clive Chandler, BA(Hons) MA PhD Cape Town

Senior Lecturer
Dr Jeffrey Murray, BA(Hons) MA UKZN PhD Cape Town

Associate Professor & Director of the School of Languages and Literatures
A/Prof. Roman Roth, MA PhD Cantab

Lecturer & Head of Classics
Dr Matthew Shelton, BA(Hons) MA Cape Town PhD St Andrews

Professor David Wardle, MA DPhil Oxon

Emeritus Professors

Professor John Atkinson, BA(Hons) Dunelm PhD HDipLib Cape Town

Professor Richard Whitaker, BA Witwatersrand MA Oxon PhD St Andrews

Honorary Research Affiliates

Dr Kate McLachlan, BA(Hons) MA Cape Town DPhil Oxon

Dr Charlayn von Solms, BA/FA MFA Cape Town MPhil Stellenbosch PhD Cape Town

Honorary Professor

Professor Rolf Schneider, PhD Heidelberg