Imraan Coovadia

Imraan CoovadiaProf. Imraan Coovadia is a writer and scholar who has been director of the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Creative Writing since 2011. His novels include The Poisoners: On South Africa's Toxic Past (2021), Tales of a Metric System (2014), The Institute for Taxi Poetry (2012), which won the M-Net Prize, and High Low In-between (2009), winner of the Sunday Times Fiction Prize and University of Johannesburg English Literary Award.

​Coovadia’s collection of essays, Transformations (2012), won the South African Literary Award for Creative Non-Fiction. He has also published a scholarly monograph with Palgrave, Authority and Authorship in V.S. Naipaul (2009).

Coovadia, who holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard and a doctorate from Yale, has written for leading publications including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Independent, The Mail and Guardian, Times of India and Sunday Independent.

"From a Natal boarding school in the seventies and Soviet spies in London in the eighties to the 1995 Rugby World Cup and intrigue in the Union Buildings, Tales of the Metric System shows how ten days spread across four decades send tidal waves through the lives of ordinary and extraordinary South Africans alike."

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